Afro tee’s: Easiest raglan t-shirt Part 2: Assembling the shirt

Let’s do this!!!


Shirt #4 African wax print & knit jersey


Side view. Curved hem


The back

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Appliqué quilting and sewing ideas

So I recently fell in love with the idea of appliqué quilting on Pinterest, because I felt the traditional method does not allow for a lot of originality, requires all this math and all these things I’m generally not prepared to spend that much time on, because I’m trying to keep up with the ideas in my head, so you can see the appeal in this method for me. I was going to give it a go.

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Humble beginnings – hand stitching and first attempts at plush animals

Mama loves her some color

Mama loves her some color

Al right, we are doing this! So I have been driving myself crazy with ideas for my first post, I’ve spent nearly 2 days thinking of nothing else when I wasn’t occupied with Kakazi. Someone I respect alot – my old boss Terri, (she is not actually old, she just is no longer my boss) taught me to handle these situations well. Sometimes when I had to present a new idea or strategy to her, I would lose my self in my ideas and start to talk really fast, I guess my mouth is just trying to keep up with my brain when that happens 🙂 . Anyway, she’d tell me to just take a breath and just start from the very beginning, so I will do just that. Continue reading