The Ex Boyfriend Cleanse – Let him go!

Mama is back! A great thing happened recently. A break up! Yup, no kidding, it took a little while for it to sink it but oh my God, am I relieved it happened. I never ever imagined finding such peace and clarity through being dumped, but the good Lord works in mysterious ways 🙂 I will share my experience and what I believe I’ve learnt and if someone else picks up something, well and good.

When I first moved to Prague, one of my very good friends, started to date a boy we went to school with, almost on a dare. I honestly did not believe it would last long, she was far too smart, outgoing, to put it bluntly, she was way above his league. Well, I watched in disbelief for next TEN years as this boy played “hot and cold”, (Now I love you, now I don’t love you) with her, and by the end, my friend’s esteem was almost non existent and he went on to get married not too long after. She went from being this loud force of a hurricane when she walked into a room, to the girl sitting quietly and avoiding any form of attention, she didn’t believe she was beautiful any more (and she is!) or that any one would want to be with her. It hurt me deeply to see that happen and I always wondered why she just wouldn’t let go, why people stayed in these kinds of relationships that are  taking so much of their self worth. Until I got to experience what it was like to get caught up in one.

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