Afro tee’s: Easiest raglan t-shirt Part 2: Assembling the shirt

Let’s do this!!!


Shirt #4 African wax print & knit jersey


Side view. Curved hem


The back

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Appliqué quilting and sewing ideas

So I recently fell in love with the idea of appliqué quilting on Pinterest, because I felt the traditional method does not allow for a lot of originality, requires all this math and all these things I’m generally not prepared to spend that much time on, because I’m trying to keep up with the ideas in my head, so you can see the appeal in this method for me. I was going to give it a go.

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Waffi the Giraffe – Part 2



Hope you had a lovely Easter too. Holidays are so much more meaningful for me since I had Kakazi and we have had a busy one this year. Lots of visits, Kakazi got to meet her extended family, which was really nice. We have so much cake and festive cookies left over, we may live off sweets for the next couple of weeks. Check out these bad boys my friend Carol made, so DELISH!!!. Continue reading