Afro tee’s: Easiest raglan t-shirt Part 2: Assembling the shirt

Let’s do this!!!


Shirt #4 African wax print & knit jersey


Side view. Curved hem


The back

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To have a lot of love and a happy home


Free motion sewing ❤

I thought I’d do an easy post after that last one (Taylor Swift much?), it was therapeutic, I have no regrets. I did not, however, expect to be hit by this huge wave of almost overwhelming vulnerability, and yet somehow, I was able to remind myself of the fact that there is a price to pay, when one chooses to be their most authentic self, and speak their truth. So lets keep it light this time, ok? So I’ve been making these appliqué pillows for my couch that I thought of making a while ago, drew some sketches and only just came round to realizing those ideas. Continue reading


Appliqué quilting and sewing ideas

So I recently fell in love with the idea of appliqué quilting on Pinterest, because I felt the traditional method does not allow for a lot of originality, requires all this math and all these things I’m generally not prepared to spend that much time on, because I’m trying to keep up with the ideas in my head, so you can see the appeal in this method for me. I was going to give it a go.

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Some selfish sewing- Pattern stash, superheroes and such.

I think I’m ready to tip-toe into the land of dressmaking again. In 2013, when I got my sewing machine, I was so AMBITIOUS about the things I wanted to make, he he. I was in such a hurry too, to see if I could actually make anything or finally admit to myself that sewing just wasn’t for me. The very first dress I made was out of these Avengers bed covers I had (comic books and superheroes – another childhood passion I just haven’t managed to get rid of.)

I McGyvered the sh*t out of this dress. No pattern, one leg in a cast after a brutal car accident.

I McGyvered the sh*t out of this dress. No pattern, with one leg in a cast after a brutal car accident.

Iron Man gets to be the centrepiece because he is my favourite superhero, him and Batman 😉 I guess I’ll explain why. Continue reading


Thursday is for Fabrics, buttons and things


You have no idea how much I was looking forward to his morning. For starters, we have had a rough week (my Kakazi’s first two bottom teeth erupted!!) and it has just been damn near impossible to find any time to sew. Between taking care of Kakazi, all the paperwork for bills, taxes, I.D’s and such, I’ve not even been stressing it about not having time to sew. Life doesn’t work the way we always want it to and that’s okay. So my excitement this morning for a little fun was justified, I think. Continue reading