Welcome to the Kemiggies!

First things first, my name is Pennie and I am from Kampala, Uganda. I have lived in Prague – Czech republic, since 2002 and I think I found my home away from home. I’m pretty sure I will be yapping on about it at some point, oh yeah 🙂 I’m Knowledge a Management Specialist, on maternity leave for the next two years. Which brings me to the next thing, I am a proud mother to the most beautiful girl in the world, she is 5 months old, we shall call her Kakazi, and she is simply the reason I breathe now. She is also the reason I’m making the kind of stuff I’m making 😉

This blog is going to be my creative outlet, a way for me to track my progress and my motivation to make stuff. For as long as I can remember,I have always wanted to learn to sew and for the last 10 or so years I looked everywhere for a teacher and simply could not find one. I bought sewing books, fashion design books to learn to draw all in the hope that one day I will be able to make beautiful things but I did not really get anywhere. Then one day in 2012, a car hit me and I had to stay home for a long time so I bought a sewing machine, went on youtube and before you know it, I had a dress, and another..and a new fire was ignited in me 🙂 A little dramatic..but that’s what it felt like. And then came Pinterest…oh what a time to be alive 😀 😀 I mean seriously….now there was no excuse, so many tutorials, FOR FREE!! I had to get in on this.

So while I’m on maternity leave, I shall be spending my spare time living out my “Pinterest life” 😀 Hell yeah..I have spent far too long lurking, stalking blogs, pinning and dreaming that one day… There are so many creative and talented people out there and everyone is so generous sharing what they know so I’m going to respectfully learn from everyone and everthing that inspires me. Hopefully you enjoy my little makes. For starters, I will be making plushies, blankies, burpies and everything in between. Let’s see where this goes.

Love, Big Mama






















































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