Double layered skirt tutorial, no pattern needed.

So, I thought I would share a tutorial I used to make these gorgeous skirts for my baby girl that I absolutely adore and so does she (Kakazi).


African wax print skirt #1


African wax print skirt #2

I made these skirts a little while ago and never got to post them, so I thought I would do that and also share the tutorial I used to make them.


Is that a twirl?

I’m always looking out for simple ideas to make stuff, I have a bunch of my own patterns but I’m always drawn to how people on the inter webs just do things their way and there is always so much to learn. This skirt has probably the most genius and easiest way to insert an elastic to a waistband, this is the direction I want my life to take 🙂 !!!!!


Source: Double layered skirt tutorial from

I found this tutorial on Pinterest and the instructions are so clear, the steps looked simple and I thought the skirt was so cute, I had to give it a go and I have no regrets. I’m not going to be sharing how I made these, so if you are looking to make one, be sure to check out the original tutorial, just follow the link I shared above.

DSCN8984I especially loved that cotton lace trim she had on her skirt and I remembered I had these cute trims I got in Copenhagen that I was planning to use on these clothes I was making for some toys.


Supplies from Panduro with white cotton lace trim I used for my skirt.


Isn’t it pretty?


She got that little necklace from school and is obsessed. I think it compliments her skirt too.



She loves this skirt and often picks it out herself to wear to school or the park and it makes me incredibly proud to see her wearing something I made for her.


I don’t think there is much else to say about his tutorial, except to tell you to try it your self. I got all these fabrics on a recent trip I took to Uganda, so you best believe I was going to be making more than just one of these cuties.


She does not approve of littering.


Walking to the park.

I think my Kakazi is well aware she looks adorable in these because every time she wears either one of them, she gets complimented pretty much by every one we speak to. 🙂


Riegrovy Sady, Prague ❤


Feathers are awesome



And she is off!

I hope you enjoyed these and happy making!


Big Mama


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