How to sew stretch fabric with a sewing machine


A couple of months ago, I was planning a trip to Copenhagen and saw an opportunity to check out new fabric stores and look for a fresh wave of inspiration. I joined a facebook sewing group for people that live in Copenhagen, with the intention of getting tips on where to look for fabric in the city, hopefully meeting up with some people from the sewing community as I was planning (I still am), on moving there. Anyway, recently, people in the group were talking about buying sergers, or had bought one and were looking for pointers on how to use their new toys 🙂 Now, I remember staying away from stretchy fabrics and would tell myself that I would get started on those once I bought a serger. Then I found out, my friend Anke, who makes baby clothes for sale was just using her regular sewing machine to burst out the cutest of baby clothes. I asked her to show me how she did.


Knit fabric pants and hats for baby Mila

I was surprised by how little I knew about my machine, having had it for over two years. So I thought I would share the little trick I learned. So simple!


I use a Janome, but I think most machines are sort of similar. So to sew stretchy fabric, all you need to do is adjust you stitch length all the way to the right, where you have that stretch option and pick a stitch to use (below).


Although a normal zigzag stitch will do, what’s the point of having all these fancy stitches on my machine if I never use them? I tried a few just to see what kind of efect it would have and I encourage you to do the same. Play with different stitch lengths and widths too to see what kind of effect you are going to get.




Making Kakazi a hoodie


Trying out different stitches


This is the main difference between having a serger and not having one. With a sewing machine, you are going to have to manually trim the raw edges for a clean finish.


Well worth the effort, no?


Assembling the hoodie.




Pretty leased with the colour combo and the hood detail.


In deep thought.




Neat, clean sleeves. Mama’s proud!


😀 😀


Back view

Thanks and I hope at least one person found this helpful. I’ll be back hopefully mid week with something to share.

Much love,

Big Mama


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