Copenhagen, inspiration and bad photos


❤ ❤ Copenhagen getting ready for Xmas

It’s been a long time, eh? I’ll just get to it. A little while ago, after a rough couple of months, I thought to myself, f*#k it, I’m going somewhere..anywhere!” I decided it was time to get away from all the things that were (and still kind of are) keeping me from making things and blogging and generally staying sane. I have lost count of the number of times I started a new blog post and then trashed each last one. Even when I thought I might write about what was happening, just to sort of explain in very little detail, the reason I was missing in action, it was either too depressing, or could bear legal consequences.

So check it. First off, I nearly lost my home, the bank almost repossessed it, (more on that another time but imagine being homeless, in a foreign country with a small baby, in the winter….aarrrgghhh).

Then there was this court case that has been dragging on for a little over two years that I finally won..yaaay….You’d think that would be good news, but you’d be wrong, I’m still fighting people, even with a court ruling and I still don’t know how much I can talk about it.

And then after a year of trying to separately co-parent, with disastrous results, I finally decided to sue for custody of my Kakazi, because what else are you going to do?

And then my body also decided to fail me for a bit, my spine, hip and ankle…depressing, right? See, this is why I kept throwing out every other post I started. Anyway, in light of all of that, I decided that I was going somewhere to rest and find inspiration and find a way to feel close to home without having to actually take the trip. Enter Faisal..


We made it to Cpn selfie!

Faisal and I have been very good friends(the kind that my mom wished I would date, but we were already bros!) since high school, he left home for Finland about a year before I left for Czech republic. I will forever be grateful that time and distance have not had any negative effects on our friendship, because he is my little oasis in Europe 🙂 A piece of home for when that is what I need. So of course when things started looking unbearable, I obviously reached out to him. I was thinking of going to Norway (he moved there after a couple of years in Finland) to visit him, but he too wanted to get away and suggested Copenhagen. I happen to love, love, love Copenhagen, have a friend that lives there (Emil) and Faisal is an excellent travel buddy, so…easy!

About a week before the flight, I asked my friend Carol from Cherie in Wonderland to join me, as she too was having a really rough time in her life. I figured if we were going to get our asses whooped by the life, we might as well do it together and hopefully have a little fun and help each other get back on track. Best decision I ended up making, I think. Let’s just say fun was had, inspiration was found and dare I say we even got some much needed rest!


Faisal, Carol, Emil and I kicking it in the C-town. ❤

Anyway, the plan while in Copenhagen was to check out fabric and craft stores looking for inspiration and supplies. I even joined a Copenhagen Sewing group on Facebook so I could ask for recommendations, which I ended up not doing because we got stuck in this AMAZING hobby store called Panduro Hobby and this is what I meant when I said inspiration was found! If I could, I would have bought a lot more than was necessary, we don’t have this kind of store in Prague (not that I know of anyway) I decided to get things that I most likely wouldn’t find in Prague, like a few fabric samples, Modpodge (which I got taken away because I forgot to put it in our check-in bag, but a nice lady in line behind me says to me “you can just use wood glue and add water :), I was touched.)


Let me tell you, I thought the store was cool until I discovered Tilda’s world!!! OMG, I couldn’t even..I don’t think I have ever laid eyes on such a beautiful collection of fabrics, books, sewing kits, etc! Just go check out their site, I’m not even joking



Source: Tilda’s world

The Panduro store we went to had a large selection of Tilda’s fabrics and I was literally drooling when I came across these, I already warned you about the bad quality of the photos, because of course I forgot to take my camera so these are taken with my ridiculously cheap excuse of a smart phone. How beautifully coordinated are these?photogrid_1449589103264.jpg

And if you are just looking for fabric for a small project, they have a whole assortment of these little bundles you can mix and match to your little heart’s content (that is also how you spend ridiculous amounts of money because you simply can not make up your mind.)


I’ve been working on some designs for toys and blankets and such, and Tilda’s fabrics sent my mind on a journey! So I picked these pretty greens to go with another bunch I ordered from an online store, that I’m still waiting to be shipped to me. Anyway, I think these will work well with making all the projects I’m planning to make look like part of the same collection. I was going to buy more when I realised they actually have an online store, so who needs all that extra luggage? I think its better that way because then I will actually  only buy what I need for a specific project, rather than buy a whole lot of fabric because it is all so pretty, and then it all just ends up sitting on the shelf.


Planning to personalise some glasses and bottles I’ve been saving in the pantry so I got a this box of water based colours to try.

So, for now I’ll be getting, back to the drawing table, getting my affairs in order and hopefully the new year comes with a fresh wave of energy, inspiration and most importantly, time!

I hope you enjoyed the holidays, and a happy new year in advance. I’m looking forward to spending a lot more time here in 2016!

Peace and love to y’all!


2 thoughts on “Copenhagen, inspiration and bad photos

  1. Its been a rough year my darling!!! But ur strong and u have prevailed!!!Lilly is blessed to have you!!!we will pray over everything else until God sorts it all out, and he will. But its also been a blessed year, watching Lilly Grow!!! watching her smile, crawl and walk, Lilly has been the sunshine in this year and we bless God for the gift of our angel, she keeps u sane): and happy, she is a ray of sunshine during life’s battles. But LOOK HOW FAR THE LORD HAS BROUGHT YOU 2!!! the sewing is going soo well u just dont c it, we thank God for that project too, all will be well, and I wish you both a great 2016, where u get to grow for real): it will be plentiful and have more beautiful memories. I LOVE U GREATLY, stay still and know he is God ALL Will be well. and oooh Thank God for Faisal, and every friend that got to visit you this year darling!!!! Take care. Looking forward to more blogs 2016 and more interesting artwork from my own Penny, I always knew ud be great, uve got a giant of an artist in you, Let that mauntain wake and make us all proud): xoxox

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