An Ottoman DIY experiment.


I nearly lost my home recently, it gave me a new appreciation for some of the things we take for granted. So I decided my first make after that long period of not creating anything was going to be something that went towards pimping up my flat. I also just realised I have a lot of blues and reds in my living room (not intentional) and I had these fabrics that I thought could work. For an experiment, this went really well and I’m very pleased with how this pouf came together. I’m also proud of how much use we have had for it for the one night we have had it 😛


Picking fabrics

I got the pattern off Camillestyle and the pattern was really easy to print and assemble. To figure out how I wanted my pieces to fit together after I cut them out, I lay them on the floor and kept moving them around till I was happy with the pattern and then took pictures for reference, just in case.


Layout. The pieces are folded in half, don’t let that shape fool you 🙂


To make for a more stable pouf, its recommended to line your pieces, usually with muslin. I used this fabric I got from Kakazi’s grandmother but the print reminds me too much of ISIS so I know I’m not going to use it for anything really so…


Both pieces lined.


Pin pretty sides together and sew.


First piece


Following your pattern lay out, add the next piece. This is where having taken a picture of your layout will help as you have a reference point.


It’s coming together.


I sewed each of the two halves separately and then put them together leaving a rather large opening for stuffing.


One bag of stuffing in. Not nearly enough.


Luckingly, I got three bags as shown here by my quality control officer 😉


I decided this side was going to be the bottom of the pouf because the center didn’t meet as well as I wanted. It got me obssesing about getting the other end right.


Back to stuffing. Also I’m very happy with the size.


All three bags of stuffing are in and I wasn’t happy at all because I wasn’t trying to make a bean bag.


See what I mean? Off to find all those ex-boyfriend t shirts and boxers because I wasn’t about to drag Kakazi out in the cold to go buy another bag.


Much better! Two pillows and some t shirts we killed to create this sturdy beauty!


Yes! This end looks much better!


I hand stitched the opening left for stuffing and I’m very happy with the result.


Baby for scale.


Bean bag effect gone.


Close up


Close up


Comfortably holds laptop.


And books and feet and remote controls!

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