Of first birthdays and stuff :)

I hope at this point I’m not speaking to myself as it been a while since I have blogged or sewn anything. In case you haven’t heard, my Kakazi turned ONE last Friday 🙂  I am so proud of the little lady she is becoming, I knew I was going to find a way to celebrate her first birthday, regardless of what else was going on in our lives. I figured it would also be a great way to ease my way back into making something as I planned to DIY at least her birthday decorations. I had already decided we were going to celebrate at home (next post is about home)

Party deco

Now here is the truth, I started planning Kakazi’s big day with no idea how I was going to pay for anything, long story… Luckily, a few days before the big day, Mama found herself some ka-ching! There wasn’t enough planning time and some of the things I was thinking of getting were downright crazy(I’m talking about a party bus people. The price very very quickly calmed me down when I called to try and order one. One day though….)

Birthday invite created in picmonkey.

And so, I decided to just to go with the flow and let what was going to happen, happen. The day before her birthday, I had still not cooked anything, put up a single decoration or even picked out what to wear. But this party was happening. My friend over from Cherie in Wonderland had already been helping so much because she owns one of those cricut machines. Oh my God, I want one. It’s this cutting machine that sort of looks like a fancy printer with pens…Anyway, it cuts through paper, fabric, vinyl and who knows what else. First time I saw one was just now when I mention DIYing the decorations. You can get everything and anything you want done. We did a birthday banner, photo booth props (even though we never got round to making an actual photo booth), little toppers for snacks and a favor box for every kid to take home.

Figuring out how the Cricut machine works


Unexpected helpers


Party props in use 😛


Something for the little guests to take home.

Cardboard and washi tape DIY

Cardboard and washi tape DIY



You want to know what Kakazi’s favourite part was? All the balloons!!!! How do you figure out what kind of stuff a one year old is going to like? I’m glad I went crazy with balloons. My reasoning was that my walls are quite bare and I hadn’t had time to print and frame our family pictures so I was just going to compensate with loads of colourful balloons on there, hey? And it worked, I loved the result, so did Kakazi. So much fun to watch her squeal with excitement as more and more balloons appeared. Priceless.
DSCN5686 DSCN5711 DSCN5750
My favourite part? All the little people running around the house 😀
DSCN5869 DSCN5873 DSCN5881
And then Kakazi went to spend the night with her father, we all got drunk and had loads of grown up fun. The END 🙂

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