City gym shorts from The Purl Bee

I know I’m a little late to this party, but I have come to accept most projects I want to work on have already been around a while, and I have been lusting after them the entire time. So like I said, anything and everything that inspires me, or I’m drawn to, I’m going to try. Anyway, remember all that bias tape I made? Perfect for these cute shorts from The Purl Bee, the awesome thing about this project is that not only is this a free pattern, it comes in different sizes for BOTH adults and kids! How generous is that? Thank you Corrine.





I picked these shorts to make because they looked like a great way for me to practice using bias tape to finish things. I promised my closest friend in the world a dress for her birthday, I hate that I’m not yet done. Anyway since I’m making her the same dress that I made myself a little while ago, I decided to practice with using bias coz it kind of kicked my ass, especially the sleeves. And my Monica deserves a well made dress because she simply is the best. I know I usually tell little stories about people that I mention on here, but there is just not enough room on here to express to you just how much that woman means to me, she knows that’s enough.

Look at that clean cut!

Look at that clean cut!




One of the best things that happened to me this week was finding a stash of fabric I had long forgotten about. I moved so many times in the last two years, I lost track of which bag/box contained what. So imagine my excitement when a found a small suitcase full of fabrics I had loved and forgotten. YES!!!! I absolutely love the heart fabric, I can’t believe I forgot about it.



I was chuffed to bits that the plain fabric worked with the busy prints on both shorts!


Ready to attach the waistband

Now if I could just find my stash of elastics to finish these off!

Now if I could just find my stash of elastics to finish these off!

I really I’m enjoying making these and I can’t wait to make kid versions for Kakazi too. Let me get these finished tonight and hopefully take some pictures tomorrow for show and tell. There might be a slight sizing issue (did I mention I’m a bit of a midget 😉 ) but I like loose comfy stuff so even if these turn out to be a little on the large side, it will be just fine.


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