Why use square wheels when round wheels already exist?!


I love sewing, but I don’t particularly like all that other stuff that comes with it, all the cutting!!! I feel like I waste so much time on cutting pattern pieces out and I get very frustrated by how long it takes. So I figured I could make the process a little less painful by getting better tools. I have a large collection of scissors, just because I started of with some really cheap ones and just kept upgrading as time went on. It’s really hard to find decent crafting tools here, at least it has been for me (if you know of a good place, let a sister know!). Anyway, my friend Jennifer offered to get me a few things from her local crafting store when she went for a visit back home in the U.S of A and I said a big giant YESSS and asked if she could get me some rotary cutters and transfer paper, which she did, thanks Jenn :*


Preparing to use my Olfa rotary cutter on a pattern.

Oh my goodness, what a difference it makes! The trick is to just go slow especially around curves and ka boom, finished in no time! This thing cuts like a dream. Its the difference between using stone age tools and an actual modern blade. Ok, maybe I’m pushing it…but its going to be really hard for me to go back to scissors. I know I will have to keep going back to the scissors every once in a while but I am definitely converted.

Look at that clean cut!

Look at that clean cut!

I can even see myself just taking a whole day to cut out a bunch of planned projects, not like before when I could only commit to one project to minimize losing my mind 🙂


Time to get sewing!

It was definitely well worth it!! On to my next project. I hope you aren’t getting bored with the same fabrics, I have to make do with what I have because….life. Can’t afford that for now.

Ok, till next time..ta-tah!

2 thoughts on “Why use square wheels when round wheels already exist?!

  1. Hey woman, I moved level up for small cutting, which can work on fabrics too (although I didn’t test on that yet). I bought a cricut machine (of course you got to buy that from the states again). But it’s greaaat! So I can imagine using that for small plushes. Anything that would feet on an A3 basically. Check it out on the web 😉 xoxo


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