Holy bias tape on a popsicle! No bias tape maker!


You know those projects you keep putting off because you don’t have all the supplies you need? Like bias tape? I do. Because it is expensive, and it does not always work for the fabrics I have on hand, especially if they (bias tape and fabric) were bought in different stores. And there are so many tutorials on how to make your own bias, so you just know I’m going to be all over that. 

Ok, so getting started. You need a long strip of fabric from which to create the bias. I like this method to sew a continuous strip, it is quite smart, just 2 seams to sew, and you would not believe how much bias tape you will get out of a small square. I used a combination of this tutorial from Sew Mama Sew.com, and this one from Mollysews.


Continuous strip of bias tape

How much do you need? Check out this really cool bias tape calculator from So Sew Easy.

Now here is the fun part if you don’t have a bias tape maker (which are also unreasonably expensive, I feel), all you need is 2 needles or pins, an ironing board and a flat iron and that is pretty much it. No gimmicks.

The next thing is to figure out how wide you want the bias tape. The red arrow indicates the width of the bias tape.


This will be the final width of your bias tape. The distance between needles/pins should not matter, they are just anchor points.


Store bought bias I used to gauge the width of bias I needed.

So now back to the strip of fabric.


I folded a small section of the strip in half and ironed.

I then used the fold line as a guide, folded in the two outer edges to meet at the fold line and then ironed. Then I carefully slipped the ironed piece of bias through the gap between the needles/pins and gently pulled through and ironed as I went along.


Let me show you. We’ve got the bias through the first anchor point.


And through the second


Isn’t this fun?! weeeeeeeee!


Popsicle sticks rock! So practical.



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