Belgian cows are buffer than you!

So you know how I said Yannick and I were in Belgium a while back? I thought I’d do a little post on the trip while I complete the things I’m making.


I was really excited about taking a break from everything and this trip turned out to be just what I needed! With only a couple of days planned in Brussels, I was bursting with excitement at the things we had planned. Brussels is only a 90 minute flight from Prague so it didn’t matter that we were leaving on Saturday afternoon, we’d had have all night to spend at Sebastien’s bar (that’s Yannick’s brother),have time to sleep it off on Sunday and hung with the family, a small trip to Brugge on Monday and we’d be back in Prague on Tuesday, short and sweet.

Worst posers ever?

Worst posers ever?

Yannick and I are the very best of friends on most occasions because we agree on nearly everything, except his disregard for time. I’m not talking 15 minutes, 2 freaking hours late, that boy shows up sometimes, which FRUSTRATES me. So I was very nervous about missing the flight but was pleasantly surprised when this time he showed up on time (sort of, we’ll let those 10 or so minutes go 🙂 ) We made it to the airport well ahead of time and with nothing to check in, security was a breeze. Obligatory Facebook “heading to Brussels selfies” were taken and posted and we were off to find a place with beer to kill the time.

People pay this much for beer? Damn it, we should have looked at the price list first.

People pay this much for beer? Damn it, we should have looked at the price list first.

Wouldn’t you know it? We missed the freaking flight anyway….don’t ask me how that happened, we only had a beer each, there were no announcements or calls for our flight (it took us a while to find the right gate, it was like trying to find Platform 9 3/4 on King’s Cross as a muggle!). By the time we made it to our gate thinking we were on time, the gate was closed and that b*tch just was not being helpful at all even though it would be another 20 minutes or so before the flight would take off. Balls!  Ok, time to call people and regroup. I said to Yannick I didn’t care if we walk to Belgium, we were going! So with the help of Yannick’s new love Monika, we looked up train and bus options because the next flight was not until 11am the next day and weren’t down with that.

Our saving grace, Monica. It cost us, but she found us a bus that for that very night. Yaay!

Our saving grace, Monika. It cost us, but she found us a bus for that very night. Yaay!

I love to travel, it feeds my soul. I heard somewhere that travelling is the most character building thing you can do and I agree. I love to discover new places, food, new ways of doing things, and I love to see people in their “natural habitats.”


I threw a wish in a well, don’t ask me I’ll never tell…

I love finding specific things that will eventually make a place special or memorable to me.



Which brings me to Brussels and this is just my humble opinion, it is beautiful in that sort of standard European way (in terms of architecture and city lay out) which I’ve grown used to living here and everything. One of the things that stood out for me about the city was the roads and the general styling of the streets.

I still don't know these mean but they look great!

I still don’t know these mean but they look great!

But the real fun was this street we found in the centre of the city that has recently been closed off to cars and has basically turned into a really fun recreational space for city dwellers. Look at those beautiful colours and patterns.








Orange and a maze





The result and the positive effect is has on the people is very evident. There is a mixed sense of peace and play that I loved. It managed to create a sense of community among the locals and I loved to see all the different looking people mixing and going on about their daily lives. Just have a look at all the sporty stuff they have set up for public use. Impressive, no?


Ping pong

I liked that the people watching sometimes went to fetch the ball for the players even though, clearly they didn’t know them. They just all really got into it.





We have a version of this back home called dool? dul? (I don’t think anyone really knows how to spell that) where we use the seeds of a certain plant/tree..I have no clue what it is called. I think the rules are pretty similar. I say petanque is “white people dool”. I like that spelling, I shall stick with it 🙂




Players come in all sizes.

I also thought it was cool that most of those horse-drawn carriages they have for tourists were run by young women. I like it, I kept calling them lady horsemen, yeah I know, it isn’t a “thing” 😛



Also, to keep the city free of horse poop, they had all the horses decked out in these self contained toilets, if you may.


Horsie toilet!

Around town with the Bourdain’s (Yannick’s family)

DSCN4803 IMG_2546

DSCN4965  DSCN4783DSCN4801 DSCN4779

DSCN4896 DSCN4867



As much as I enjoyed Brussels, the real treat for me was Brugge! What a beautiful place! I also knew it was where I was going to take pictures of the things I made, so double excitement!









This one dates back to 1634!


I get why they call it a little Venice.



DSCN5230 DSCN5258 DSCN5219


So kewl :P

So kewl 😛


One last thing, did you know they have the sea in Belgium? You did? I didn’t 😛 At least I was surprised, in a good way 😛

IMG_2694 IMG_2700 IMG_2703

Definitely will be going again! Just one little thing Belgium, your cows are scary! They look like they WILL murder us all and take over once they get their sh*t together. Just go to google and see for yourself!

Ok, TTFN, ❤

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