An African in Brugge – Simplicity 1872 complete



A while ago I started making this Simplicity dress, I have had this pattern for about two years and I made it as a top right after I bought it. I like how the top looked but the fit was wrong, it was about two sizes bigger, even though I cut the smallest size of the pattern (size 6).

Simplicity 1872, top version with sleeves.

Simplicity 1872, top version with sleeves.

So like I mentioned, I wanted to practice adjusting the fit and I definitely did not want to bother with sleeves this time. See how I adjusted the pattern here. I like the result BUT, I did not get to try on the dress before going to Brussels because I made a lot of changes as I went along (ripped out and fixed at least three seams etc but this is a happy post so we are not going to go there 🙂 ). Anyway, turns out I might have adjusted alittle too much 😛 My boobs we literally pooping out of the top of the dress, so I borrowed a t-shirt from Yannick that luckily was not too far off colourwise (I had to wear it backwards because the front had a loud clashing print, and I also also rolled up the sleeves and hid them under the dress 🙂 And then things were under control again, I know it because Yannick father immediately says “Oui! c’est bon! I love him



Yannick insisted we take pictures in front of this hotel because he is a silly romantic. As we walked by, he suddenly remembered that many years ago he brought his first girl here for a romantic trip.





I absolutely love Brugge, definitely up there in my top 5 favourite cities.

After walking around Brugge for a while, it got hot, so I decided to get comfortable. If you know me, you also know I don’t mind looking a little disorganised every once in while, because there is more to life than looking good all the time. So I lost the belt, rolled out the t-shirt sleeves and I have to say I don’t mind the way it looks at all.




I love how the dress moves.

Ok, time to stop :D

Ok, time to stop 😀


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