DIY wrap crop top from The Felted Fox

DIY wrap crop top

DIY wrap crop top

Today I made a crop top. It’s funny how comfortable I have got with my body since having Kakazi. The whole experience just helped me find a whole new respect for how resilient the human body is, especially the female body. Not trying to be political here or anything, but for instance, I just stressed about my belly button for the longest time (I used to have an “innie” and now it is somewhere between going back in and just being a proper “outie”), I guess we all find that one thing that just wont stop bothering us about our bodies, especially after experiences like giving birth. So I decided, f*#k it, I’m going to embrace my body for what it is and what it has endured, and I’m going to continue to enjoy dressing it. And it is summer…European summers are unbearable. It is hard to explain this as an African but back in Uganda we always have a breeze going on. Here, I feel like the air just doesn’t move. So crop tops (kundi show where I come from 😉 )are a necessity. I fell in love with this wrap top I found on Pinterest from The Felted Fox that comes with a great tutorial.

DIY wrap crop top tutorial and pattern to download.

DIY wrap crop top tutorial and pattern to download.

So I downloaded the pattern, printed it off, assembled and cut. The instructions are easy to follow, this was really fun to put together. Until I realised the pattern might be on the small side so I added about 1.5 cm to the length and maybe 1cm to the front piece width of the top to accommodate my impossible mommy boobs. I still think it is going to be a struggle to get it all the way round 🙂


Main front and back pieces + side panels


Top front with neckline sewn with bias tape




This weekend, a friend of mine Yannick and I went to Brussels for a little weekend gate away, and I was excited to try on my recent makes and see how they would work out, a test drive of sorts. I’m really pleased with how this top turned out and it was so easy to put together. A big thanks to Nicole from The Felted Fox, I will definitely be making many more versions of this top. It is so much fun to wear, there are 3 different ways you can wear it and I’m sure some creative people out there have already come up with their own unique ways of wearing it.


Happy camper 🙂

This weekend was the first time I have ever been away from Kakazi for longer than 6 hours. I also haven’t been on a night out since I had her, so the plan was to pick a night to go out and let lose. Yannick’s brother manages a cool hip bar somewhere in Brussels and we were really excited about going out all night after a really long time (at least for me) and when we decided on a night, I picked this top to wear just because I really hadn’t found any other appropriate time to wear it (it wasn’t as warm as we had expected) and I really wanted to take a picture before we got home 🙂 We have had a rough couple of weeks and before we left, I said to myself that this little break would be the perfect way to get me energised about blogging again, I’d take the things I made with me, take pictures in all the nice places we would visit and I’d get excited about updating the blog. So that’s what I did, kind of 😉


Front and back

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