M.I.L.A.N! Quiet book finished!


Wrapping up!

It’s been a while! I will not even go into why I have not been able to blog, it is neither pleasant nor necessary. I’m just glad to be back. Here goes!

The final product.


The buttons are purely decorative .


M – Monkey

There are hooks for the monkeys to hang on to the trees, I wanted a method that would allow the monkeys movement. This way, one can hang in the tree, another on the bed and while we are at it, we can have one hiding under the bed.


I – Icecream


L – Ladybug


A – Aeroplane


The accessories – A passport and I.D card


N – Ninja. Felt nun-chucks and sword to play


Button details


Contrasting thread makes for a lovely effect.


See what I mean?

Overall, I’m really happy with the result and so is Milan, I think. I took the book over to Amy’s house this afternoon and I know for a fact she too was pleased.

The handover.

The handover.

Ok, I guess that is all for now.


4 thoughts on “M.I.L.A.N! Quiet book finished!

  1. I was so excited that I got to meet you after seeing the book you put together for Milan.

    All i could think while looking through it was how much thought, energy and pure love you put into every component of each page. I can’t imagine how many hours you worked on this project: You put such fine details in your work (just a couple of examples from the “Monkeys Jumping on the Bed” page like the little tassels on the pillow and the bow on the little girl monkey:) You came up with so many ideas to make the book interactive (I loved the hooks for the monkeys and the flaps for the beds and flowers and the ribbon to attach the airplane and I just ate up the visas and passports that you put inside the suitcase on that same page). And the artistic component was also really impressive (like the perspective on the Ninja page); but when you told me you visited a dojo just to make it as realistic as possible, well, I could already tell that you put your heart into your work, so I was just shocked and blown away at what degree you go to to make your art so special as well as perfect:)

    And speaking of special, I loved your froggy tribute to Lily’s birth mark. My little girl has one too and I want to make it special for her before anyone has a chance to make her feel otherwise.

    Penny, your heart is truly in your work. It was amazing to meet you. And how lucky your daughter is to have such a creative mommy. My kids loved every second they spend with you: Your stories, creative games and the way you put your full imagination into their play ideas.

    Your enthusiasm is contagious:) I hope we get to meet again sometime!
    Until then, best of luck with all your endeavors,


  2. Pennie, I was the very first one that SHOULD have commented on this, since my son was the lucky boy to receive such an amazing gift. I hope you’ll forgive me. You are such a thoughtful friend, clearly more than I deserve.

    This book is truly amazing. The thought, creativity and skill that went into it is so impressive. I have always been jealous of people with your creativity and talent. Especially since you have never done anything like this before and are “learning” to sew. 😉

    The colors are bright, beautiful and cheerful. I love how you chose a theme for each page to correspond with Milan’s name. Each theme is so creative and the figures so masterfully done and cheerful also. But most of all, I really love all the little details. I love the zig zag sewing that brings the grass to life and swirl sewing that gives the airplane movement. I love the lines of the dojo that give it depth and perspective. I love the contrast sewing on the edges of the pages that makes it extra bright and cheerful. I love the tassles on the ends of the pillow and the bow in the money’s hair. I love the passport in the suitcase and the shape of the ninjas. And Milan loves the buttons, his favorite part. These details are what makes you an artist. And to think you came up with these ideas on your own, not just copying what someone else had done. Jealous. 😉

    I thank you for giving Milan what is without a doubt the most special gift he has received so far in his lifetime. And it’s durable enough that he can play with it a ton now, and then we can have it as a keepsake in the future.


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