An African in Brugge – Simplicity 1872 complete



A while ago I started making this Simplicity dress, I have had this pattern for about two years and I made it as a top right after I bought it. I like how the top looked but the fit was wrong, it was about two sizes bigger, even though I cut the smallest size of the pattern (size 6). Continue reading


DIY wrap crop top from The Felted Fox

DIY wrap crop top

DIY wrap crop top

Today I made a crop top. It’s funny how comfortable I have got with my body since having Kakazi. The whole experience just helped me find a whole new respect for how resilient the human body is, especially the female body. Continue reading


DIY hipster – Banana fibre dolls and wire cars.

I was asked by a friend a while back if I did any D.I.Y’s that were not sewing related as she presented me with an exciting opportunity to write a column for her paper. It got me thinking…even if I’ve been trying to not label myself as one thing, other people are going to, so I might as well try to influence that, right? So I decided to think real hard on what I’d like for people to see me as; a seamstress, crafter, designer? To be honest, I still haven’t figured it all out yet. I figure this whole thing will just evolve on its own. One thing I do know though, is that I’m happiest, most focused and most fulfilled, when I make something myself (It doesn’t always have to be on my own, sometimes its even better to work with other people and mash up ideas). I also know that I have always been this way.

Story-time! Continue reading