Uninspired days and <3 potatoes

Do you ever have one of those days where you are simply annoyed and people just keep annoying you and no matter how hard you try, you just cant shake the feeling? I’m having one of those ones. I don’t even try to create anything on days like this because I know I won’t like what I make, or there will be lots of mistakes that will even get me more annoyed so I think it’s counter productive. So I came to my happy place. That’s right, this has become my happy place. I don’t really have a sewing update, the most I have come to being creative today is this picture of a train on a car I saw parked on my street.

Looking for inspiration anywhere.

Looking for inspiration anywhere.

In other useless news, today I found a heart shaped potato in my bag of potatoes.A couple of years ago also I found a heart shaped potato. I was very much in love, so I was very taken with this potato (Reddit also had a thing for potatoes that year, don’t ask 🙂 ). We had lived together a couple of years and things felt good. And as I took pictures of the potato, I remember smiling and jokingly thinking to myself..this is definitely a sign, the fate of our love is even written in the potatoes!! Ha ha, not long after, my then love moved on in search of greener grasses on another continent and as I picked up the pieces of my little broken heart, I thought about that damn potato! I should never have listened to a potato 😀 😀

So when another potato tried to fool me again today, I thought….Oh no you don’t! 😀 Joke is on you, silly potato, I’m single this time. SUCKER!! 😀

Silly <3 potato!


Hope your day is better than mine.


2 thoughts on “Uninspired days and <3 potatoes

  1. i am just having a (figure this) worse day and worst is everyone is looking at me for some hope and love and i dont wanna know,but OOOH Ilove that potatoe and train, best things that have happened to me 2day): ((((( happy 2morrow 2 us 2 Pennie))))))


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