Thursday is for Fabrics, buttons and things


You have no idea how much I was looking forward to his morning. For starters, we have had a rough week (my Kakazi’s first two bottom teeth erupted!!) and it has just been damn near impossible to find any time to sew. Between taking care of Kakazi, all the paperwork for bills, taxes, I.D’s and such, I’ve not even been stressing it about not having time to sew. Life doesn’t work the way we always want it to and that’s okay. So my excitement this morning for a little fun was justified, I think.

Ok, so this morning after Kakazi went off for her morning walk with her Dad, I went to meet up with Anke and Jennifer. Remember that store I fell in love with after I found they carried the minky, ? It’s all we have all been talking about it because they really carry some gorgeous fabrics! But there is a catch, they mostly sell on line so the store is only open on Thursday morning from 8 am – 12 pm (I learned the hard way after just trying to show up unannounced). It is also a bit of a journey but public transport in Prague is set up so well it, the whole city is accessible by bus, tram and metro and they all run on time, with only the occasional interruption, which is also usually promptly dealt with. So even with kids (only Anke brought her baby, so piece of cake), it really is easy to get around. And this store is worth the trip.

Prague metro

Prague metro

Anyway, this time we were prepared! We’d all done our research and agreed to meet up and head out there together around 9 am.I really enjoyed making the last quilt blanket, I really wanted to make another one. So I picked up a couple of small quarter meter fabrics that I thought could be incorporated into a theme.  Here are some fabrics I got today.

DSCN2867 DSCN2869 DSCN2870 DSCN2872 DSCN2874

Also picked up some accessories to try out. This place simply has the cutest ribbons, the ones in the colourful heap were free :)!



The only thing that stopped me from buying half of what she carries is my wallet (which I just so happened to lose in the park a couple of days ago…arrgghh!).

Talking of accesories, I mentioned in one of my earliest posts that I had recieved a gorgeous collection of buttons from Kakazi’s Babi? Well, since then I have also been on the look out for cute buttons to add to the collection, I even have a project in mind for someone special but lets save that for another post 🙂 So without further ado, here is my button collection.

Button storage

Button storage


The eyes just live with the buttons.


I picked these up at Latky Mraz

I also got these little bells to put in the baby blocks etc etc

Christmas bells for scale.

Christmas bells for scale.

and these handmade labels.

and these handmade labels.

Very excited for the next project!!


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