Clean finishings, the kids are done

BOOM! I finally sat down and learned how to properly finish the kids 🙂 A simple hand sewn stitch, that I had wrongly assumed was going to be difficult, turned out to be the simplest thing ever. It goes by so quickly and really is invisible if you take your time.

Waffi: Nice and neat finish

Waffi: Nice and neat finish

So here’s the goal for anything I make, is that anyone can pick it up, turn it inside out, look at it from whatever which way pleases them and say..hmm, that’s lovingly well made! So I was when I was done with the last toy, I sat down all alone in my living room surrounded by my completed animal babies and smiled smugly 😀

Remember my friend Anke, the one that agreed to mentor me? We decided to set aside Thursday mornings for sewing, I go over to her house – she has more space and she is the experienced sewer, so I get to walk :D, anyway, I go over, the kids do their thing, we have some tea, catch up, share ideas, I get to show her what I’m making and she will give me a pointer here and there if I’m struggling with get the idea. For the most part we don’t get much sewing done, we are far too distracted by the kids and we usually end up taking pictures more than anything 😀 I love it, ha ha.


See what I mean?

It also doesn’t hurt that Anke takes amazing pictures 😛 So, why was I talking about Anke? Yes, I asked her the last time I went over if she could show me a neat way to finish up the toys and she showed me the way she does it. Long story short, I was nearly as confused with this stitch as I am when I try to play piano with two hands, let me tell you..that is very confused!!

Anke's diagonal mindf*ck

Anke’s diagonal mindf*ck

I decided I’d just keep trying it at home but without Anke there to help out, it simply wasn’t happening, so I went to YouTube and pinterest in search of another possibly simpler version, which of course I found (just type in ladder stitch tutorial and see how many results jump back at you). Here is one that I like, the instructions are clear and easy to follow.

quilttaffy - invisible-closing-seam-tutorial

quilttaffy – invisible-closing-seam-tutorial

The result was some very neat toys and a very happy mama 😀 You would not believe I used bright orange thread to close Kiki up just coz I was too tired to rethread the needle and you can’t see any of it.

Kiki: Before and after

Kiki: Before and after

That unsightly gash on Tasha's hip is gone!

That unsightly gash on Tasha’s hip is gone!

All cleaned up

Said unsightly gash on right hip

Planned projects for this week

1: A quiet book for my friend Amy’s baby

2. An easy quilt/blanket thingie for Kakazi’s 6th monthaversary

3. A hippo!!


Highlight of the week, Kakazi is slowly getting in to solid foods 😀 We got a feeding chair!!

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